Category: Value Engineering Study

Multi-sectorial Infrastructure Consultants

North Galilee Basin Rail (NGBR) Project

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Adani Mining Pty Ltd, AustraliaDuration: October – November 2014Project Details: Coal Terminal is being developed to provide an independent connectivity between Mine to Port.Route Length: 382.4 kmDesign Traffic: 100 MTPALoading Standard: 32.5 TPassing Loops: 9 nosDesign Speed: 80 km/h for loaded trains; 100 km/h unloaded trains.

Pre-bid services for Hey River – Boyd Road

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: NRW, AustraliaDuration: December 2014Project Details: Design and preparation of BOQ for Road Alignment, Pavement Design, Hardstands, Catchment delineation and 1D modeling of all culverts along the road, Construction of water pond.