Category: Detailed Design

Multi-sectorial Infrastructure Consultants

D & C Prebid services – Carmichael Mine Access Road

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: NRW, AustraliaDuration: April 2013Project Details: Design and preparation of BOQ for Water infrastructure for construction including a new dam and pipeline for water conveyance, Pavement for the proposed airport and corresponding facilities, Landfill.

Carmichael Rail Design (CRD) Project

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Adani Mining Pty Ltd, AustraliaDuration: May 2015 – June 2018Project Details: The dedicated green field rail line to connect Carmichael Mine with Abbot Point Coal Terminal was developed to provide an independent connectivity between Mine to Port. The assignment includes Detail Design of Carminchael Rail Line.

Detailed Design Carmichael Rail Project

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Adani Mining Pty Ltd, AustraliaDuration: April 2017 – May 2018Project Details: Hydrology & Hydraulic design, Drainage and Crossings design for 382km long heavy haul rail line.

Secondment of Civil Engineer & Signalling Engineers to support Detailed Design assignments

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Adani Mining Pty Ltd, AustraliaDuration: September 2019 – March 2020Project Details: Design support for client to undertake Detailed Design Review in the field of Civil and Signalling.

Detailed design- Carmichael Rail Project (200 km Rail line)

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Adani Mining Pty LtdDuration: February 2020 – September 2020Project Details: Detailed Design work including Civil, H&H, Alignment, Drainage, Geotech, Bridges, Culverts for 200 km of rail line.

Detailed design- Rail Maintenance Yard

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Bowen Rail Pty LtdDuration: February 2020 – presentProject Details: Material Take off/Quantity Estimation.

TPN Connection-Detailed design

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Bowen Rail Pty LtdDuration: April 2020 – presentProject Details: Detailed Design work – TPN connection.

As Constructed drawings -Mudgeeraba to Varsity Lakes

Location: Queensland, AustraliaClient: Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty LtdDuration: October 2020 – presentProject Details: Constructed drawings as per client requirements.